Nurturing Baby Massage - 5-week course block

May 13 / 20 / 27 and June 3 / 10, 2021

Online Live via Zoom 

** includes video tutorials of massage techniques


10.15 - 11.15h


Sfr. 100 

Space is limited to 8 participants

Communicate with your baby through loving touch and learn to interpret their cues in this 5-week Baby Massage course. The course is ideal for infants from only a few weeks old through 6 - 8 months of age.

Nurturing Baby Massage is a wonderful way to connect with baby while promoting their development through loving touch, aiding digestion, and promoting good sleep. We will start with a leg and foot massage and work up to a full-body massage with baby. It is a baby-led practice with emphasis on bonding and attachment, so if baby is not in the mood for massage, you can enjoy spending quality time with baby while releasing tension and stress. All massage techniques will be made available to course participants with recorded video instructions so that you can share the massage with baby at a time when they are ready to receive it.

I will introduce a new theme every week relevant to infant development so that new parents can gain insights and tips from each other in this intense, challenging and joyful time with baby. Embracing a community of support is extremely helpful in combatting feelings of isolation and mood disorders that are so common in the postpartum and early parenting phase. It is a great opportunity for sharing, creating community and making new friends who can relate to your own experiences.

Please contact me to register.


I welcome you and your baby!

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