Birthlight Yoga is adapted to directly benefit pregnant persons and babies during the 10 lunar months of pregnancy. Our method takes into account the person as a whole. Our techniques and practices address whatever issues may be coming up on physical, psychological, and emotional levels, allowing for anything that needs to surface to do so in a caring and supportive environment. Our aim is to counter-balance the daily stress factors in our busy lives by encouraging participants to slow down, to connect with their babies, to find graceful movement and ease of breath. This is what makes the Birthlight experience unique, and what keeps students coming back, many for the second, third and fourth times.

  • At Birthlight each participant is welcome in our sacred circle. We provide space for the whole person, with reverence for whatever they may be carrying with them at the time.

  • By creating a non-competitive, uplifting and joyful class atmosphere, we serve to counter-balance the stresses of daily life.

  • We maintain a non-judgemental and respectful attitude, without imposing our personal preferences or prejudices.

  • We teach safe, organic practices that promote health instead of aggravating or triggering symptoms. 

  • Birthlight techniques serve not only to provide students graceful and easeful movement during all stages of their pregnancy, but are also the ultimate practical birth preparation for the labor process.

  • A spirit of ease and camaraderie snuffs out the need to achieve anything, from the perfect pose to the perfect birth. 

  • We dedicate time and attention to the babies, promoting bonding and pre-parenting in the womb.


Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
Private Instruction

I offer private yoga sessions in the convenience of your home. Whether you are interested in Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga instruction, or booking a private Birth Preparation Workshop, I am happy to bring my services to you.

In our Prenatal Yoga sessions, I will custom design a prenatal yoga and breathing practice to suit your and your baby's needs as they change from week to week. Our yoga practice will strengthen you physically, as well as mentally and emotionally as you adapt to your pregnancy and upcoming transition of birth. You will be equipped with a toolbox of practical, effective techniques to calm and comfort you, to promote connection to yourself and your baby, and to listen to and trust your intuition. These skills will serve you well not only during your pregnancy, but also in childbirth and beyond.

In our Postnatal Yoga sessions we will practice breathing techniques and pelvic mobilization to begin the process of re-knitting the abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles and related structures. I provide gentle sequences that can be done starting just a few weeks after birth to aid in improving circulation, repositioning of the organs and balancing postpartum hormones. This attention to the birthing person in the weeks after birth contributes greatly to their physical and emotional healing and recovery process, boosting their vitality and overall sense of well-being. 

The Yogadoula Private Yoga Package includes:​

  • Private Yoga sessions (75 Mins with relaxation): 4 sessions for Sfr. 520 :: 6 sessions for Sfr. 780 :: Single session for Sfr. 150

  • Copies of Handouts and other reference material

  • Resource links and recommendations


Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Schedule
Group Classes

Birthlight Zurich, Grüngasse 21, 8004 Zürich

Monday 10.30-11.30h Birthlight Postnatal Yoga with Baby 

Monday 12-13h Birthlight Prenatal Yoga

Tuesday 18-19h Birthlight Prenatal Yoga with Birth Preparation

Thursday 12-13h Birthlight Prenatal Yoga

Thursday 13.30-14.30h Birthlight Postnatal Yoga with Baby

:: All classes in english and german as needed ::

Birthlight Birth Preparation Workshop with Partner 

Sunday 13.30-16h (1x per Month)

Dates in 2020:

15.11 / 13.12

:: Workshops in english or german on request ::

Or schedule a private Birth Preparation Workshop with me (english or german)


Well Woman Yoga

Well Woman Yoga was developed by women for women, integrating knowledge from Ayurveda and classical yoga traditions with modern yoga therapy and somatic awareness practices. Well Woman Yoga addresses women's changing physical, mental and spiritual needs throughout the different stages of their life cycle, from pre-conception to childbirth and on to the menopause. We attend to women's reproductive health issues in Well Woman Yoga, restoring hormonal balance and vitality through gentle micro-movements and restorative yoga poses, enhanced breathing and deep relaxation. Well Woman Yoga practices support fertility and conception, regulation of the menstrual cycle, pelvic tone and repair, transition to menopause, and general reproductive health and well-being.

Well Woman Yoga encompasses:

  • Yoga for Fertility and Conception for you (and your partner)

  • Yoga to address irregularities in the menstrual cycle and promote neuroendocrine regulation

  • Yoga to complement medical treatment for reproductive health issues

  • Yoga to support hormonal treatments (IVF / HRT)

  • Yoga for stabilizing pelvic tone

  • Yoga for addressing menopausal symptoms​

I offer private instruction in Well Woman Yoga in the comfort and convenience of your home. Please contact me to schedule a consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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Hatha Yoga

You will find details about my general yoga classes at

Open classes at AIRYOGA Zürich

Tuesday 10 - 11h Hatha Yoga 

Wednesday 12 - 13h Lunch Flow

Private Instruction :: Sfr. 130 (60 Mins) /

Sfr. 180 (90 Mins)

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