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Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga - 4-week course block
** includes video tutorials of massage techniques

In-studio and Online Live via Zoom
Pilates ZürichFriedaustr. 17, 8003 Zürich

Please get in touch for course dates

The Baby Massage and Baby Yoga course provides techniques for parents to connect with baby in an enjoyable, relaxing and stimulating atmosphere. Massage helps baby feel relaxed, aids digestion and elimination and promotes good sleep. Baby Yoga provides growing babies a more active practice through stretches and yoga moves together with their parent. The course is ideal for babies and their carers from 6 weeks to 8 months of age. All massage techniques will be made available to course participants with recorded video instructions so that you can share the massage with baby at a time when they are ready to receive it.

We will use rhymes and songs, movement, play and loving touch to provide baby a wide range of sensory experiences, positively influencing baby's neural, physical and emotional development. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga moves align with baby's natural developmental stages, and practices are tailored to baby's individual needs, enhancing their natural capacity and thirst for learning.


Embracing a community of support is extremely helpful in combatting feelings of isolation and emotional challenges associated with the early parenting phase. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes are a great opportunity for sharing, creating community and making new friends for parents and babies.

Contact me for further details.

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