Birthlight Teacher Trainings

As a Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Tutor, I train yoga teachers and maternity professionals who would like to specialize in Birthlight Yoga for pregnancy and the postpartum. You can read about Birthlight's comprehensive training here.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been forced to cancel our scheduled trainings in 2020. 

Birthlight Teacher Trainings 2021

Zürich, Switzerland:

Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Diploma

Part 1 (4 days) - TBA

Part 2 (2 days) - TBA

Birthlight Postnatal Yoga Certificate

2-day course - TBA

Birthlight Diastasis Recti CPD

1-day course - TBA

For details and registration please visit

Thank you very much Gisela for the great Birthlight Perinatal Yoga training. I really enjoyed it. Since I’ve been teaching with Birthlight values and method, I’ve seen great results with ladies attending my classes. Their positive feedbacks are also very encouraging. I’m so grateful to be part of the Birthlight community!


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