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Prenatal Yoga and Yoga with Birth Preparation

All classes offered in-Studio and Online Live

Pilates Zürich, Friedaustr. 17, 8003 Zürich


Prenatal for All

12.15 - 13.15h


Birth Prep Yoga

17.15 - 18.15h

Prenatal Yoga for all as of the 14th week of pregnancy

My classes are non-competitive, joyful and inclusive, emphasizing rhythmic and graceful movement and ease of breath for all stages of pregnancy. I use adaptations of Hatha Yoga to strengthen and relax the physical body, focus the mind and experience sensations as they arise. Inspired by Françoise Freedman and the Birthlight method, my emphasis lies in providing connection: within towards oneself and the baby, and without towards others sharing the same experience of matrescence, the developmental transition to motherhood.

Come and be as you are in our sacred circle, learn practices and techniques to build trust in your body and your intuition, and gain confidence in your pregnancy, birth and into parenthood.

Yogadoula Birth Preparation Workshop with Partner

Offered in-Studio and Online Live

Pilates Zürich, Friedaustr. 17, 8003 Zürich


13.30 - 16.30h

The Birth Preparation for Couples is a hands-on workshop for birthing people and their partners. The 3-hour workshop includes theoretical and practical information of the labor process, and encourages the birth partner to take an active role in supporting physiological childbirth. It is a wonderful opportunity for couples to connect and communicate their individual wishes and concerns for their child's birth. 

The Workshop will cover the following:

  • Practical Birth Preparation strategies for labor and birth

  • Yoga breathing and sound practices for labor

  • Positions for Childbirth

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Techniques for massage, acupressure and soothing touch

  • Resource links and recommendations

For details and registration please get in touch!

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