Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

A Doula is a caring companion trained to support and hold space for someone in labour and childbirth, as well as other major life events and transitions. A Full Spectrum Doula accompanies persons of all genders in reproductive health matters, be it during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, loss, the fertility journey, abortion or birth control. A Doula's primary concern is their client, and tending to their needs in a holistic way. Doulas work to enhance any existing support and care networks already in place. 

Why a Doula?

  • Doulas are invaluable for the transition and adjustment to a new life situation, fostering connection, easing recovery and enriching physical, emotional & psychological well-being.

  • Doulas are professionals trained to support you during pregnancy, labour, birth and reproductive health decisions. Doulas are part of your chosen team, ensuring optimal care for YOU in this vulnerable time.

  • Research shows that continuous one-on-one childbirth assistance from a Doula supports the body's physiology, reducing the rate of unnecessary interventions and decreasing fear and anxiety.

  • Doulas aid in processing and integrating your individual birth experience, and may assist you during the challenges of the postpartum, providing essential community support and reference networks.

As your Birth Yogadoula, I provide emotional, physical and informational support for you and your partner during labour and childbirth. I encourage comfort through movement, breathing, relaxation, massage and awareness techniques. Continuous labour support from a trained doula is one way to greatly improve birth outcomes for you and your baby, promoting a healthy start for the whole family.


As your Postpartum Yogadoula, I support you and your family during the first weeks at home. Whether it's helping to promote lactation or nursing, tending to the baby for an hour while you have some personal time, or doing the shopping to cooking a meal, I am there to help out with whatever you need on that day.

Yogadoula Packages

Water Birth

Yogadoula Birth Doula Package

As your Birth Doula, I will provide continuous support once you are in active labour, whether at home and/or the hospital or birthing center. I will visit you and your partner before the birth to discuss your pregnancy and address concerns, as well as assist you in communicating your birth and postpartum preferences. I will share information and techniques for finding comfort in late pregnancy and in childbirth. I will work with your partner and care providers to prioritize your and baby's well-being, so that the family emerges from the birth experience feeling listened to, cared for and respected. 

The Birth Doula Package includes:

  • Two prenatal visits (ca. 90 mins each)

  • Continuous support during active birthing phase of labour either at home and/or birthing facility

  • On call 24 hours / 7 days beginning 2 weeks before your estimated due date until birth

  • One postnatal visit at home to process the birth experience and assist with newborn care or any other needs that may arise

Please contact me for full details about my Birth Doula support, costs and to schedule an initial complimentary meeting.

Fertility Egg Freezing

Yogadoula Birth Preparation for Couples

Yogadoula Birth Preparation for Couples is a hands-on workshop for parents-to-be and their birth partners. The 3- hour workshop includes theoretical and practical information of the childbirth process, and encourages the birth partner to take an active role in supporting physiological childbirth. It is a wonderful opportunity for couples to connect and communicate their individual wishes and concerns for their child's birth. Costs for the private workshop in the convenience of your home: Sfr. 325

The Workshop will cover the following:

  • Practical Birth Preparation strategies for labor and birth

  • Yoga breathing and sound practices for labor

  • Positions for Childbirth

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Techniques for massage, acupressure and soothing touch

  • Resource links and recommendations

Newborn Baby

Yogadoula Postpartum Doula Package

The Yogadoula Postpartum Doula Package includes:

  • Initial home visit with Anamnesis to determine family's needs and postpartum concerns

  • Three additional visits (approximately 90 mins) with early Postnatal Yoga if desired: 3 sessions :: Sfr. 420

  • Additional private instruction in early postnatal yoga :: Sfr. 150 per session

  • Other support as needed, such as reflection of the birthing experience, infant care, organizing nourishing meals, etc.

  • Resource links, references and recommendations